I don't understand why there is such a controversy when I cut my daughters hair. Every year I cut her hair down to a small afro and let her decorate it with clips. I have many reasons for cutting her hair. 1. It grows extremely fast... like down to the middle of her back in less than a year. 2. She gets a grown man B.O. smell on her head after being outside for just a few minutes because her hair is so thick. 3. She is extremely tenderheaded and throws up when getting her hair done so it makes it much more manageable being able to just pick it out. 4. She looks adorable. I don't think it is any of my friends business whether or not I cut her hair but they seem to make a huge deal about it. I wonder if it is because she is mixed or seen as black. I have never seen any one of my friends get drama when cutting their daughters hair. I just don't understand why they think they know better for my daughter than me.

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