Eating for Two

Dear Expectant Mothers:

Congratulations, and welcome to the most amazing journey of your life.

When sperm meets egg, a miraculous series of biochemical events begins. The DNA of the

chromosomes of the original cell divides only 50 times but results in approximately 100 trillion

cells, a number that is greater than all the stars in the milky-way galaxy. Furthermore, it is

estimated that each of these cells has over 6 trillion biochemical reactions per second, and

each cell also knows what all the other cells are doing thru the body’s own infinite

intelligence. So it is with great humility that I as a scientist attempt to convey any advice on

the topic. As the mother of three incredibly healthy children, I am proud that I did the best I

could to take care of myself, to give my kids the very best shot in life given what I understood

at the time.  Could I have made better choices given what I know

now and what is available to me now? Sure. And so it is with great care and humility that I

share what I know today with expecting mothers.

Every pregnant mother is concerned with what she eats while nurturing her unborn child. The

good news is that it’s not that complicated: the rules for good health during pregnancy are

pretty much the same as the rules for good health during the rest of your life. Mainly, you

should eat a large variety of vegetables, fruits and whole grains (more than 90% of your

caloric intake), get plenty of exercise, drink lots of water, and get adequate rest. And unlike

common advice “now you are eating for two,” I must advise that it is not necessarily good to

gain more than 25 pounds at full term. This can be accomplished by not gorging on high fat

foods such as ice cream and pizza. These foods add weight, but not nutrition to you and your


When the body gets adequate nutrition, it expresses it’s full complement

of active enzymes that make all those trillions of reactions occur. That is with nutrition, all

enzyme making factories are open for business. Otherwise, the body struggles just to

maintain a viable pregnancy, making a limited number of critical enzymes, and the luxuries of

additional enzymes needed for optimal health go by the wayside.

For instance, if a mother is adequately nourished with plenty of fruit and vegetable nutrition,

and happens to experience some stress, even though she is bound to make stress hormones

such as cortisol, in a healthy placenta, that cortisol will get broken down by an enzyme before

it reaches the baby. But if the mother is not getting adequate nutrition, she will not express

that enzyme “for the luxury of optimal health” and the cortisol will reach the baby and then the

baby will be predisposed to stress for the rest of their life.

What nutrients exactly help to avoid this? We don’t know yet. So don’t take any chances, give

yourself the full spectrum of nutrients from all the rainbow colors found in the 25 different

fruits, veggies and berries it takes to make Juice Plus

. This is why I consider Juice Plus,

with 12 published, independent, peer-reviewed, university studies to be the Mercedes Benz

of prenatal nutrition. It also has helped many people conceive babies.


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