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 So, I'm back! Haay!  I'm happy to be able to find some communities that will embrace me.  I mean, facebook is great for connecting with friends but not so great for finding a place to understand each other and really find your place. 


My babies are growing up SO FAST and so I am really happy to be back as they are getting too big for me to even know what to do sometimes anymore.. My son is about to turn five and we'd be starting kindergarten... but I am excited (and totally nervous) to start homeschooling! YAY!  I am just OVER people telling me that he is going to be gay, my son is on fire for Jesus and I hope and pray that he will not get that spirit of homosexuality.. but in schools today it's "COOL" to be gay and he loves being accepted of others,even at four.  So.. I want him to go down that path... so I am choosing his path for him, as his mother, I feel like I have that right. 


My daughter, Catherine just turned two!  She is running around and learning more and more words and things.  She loves to dance and sing, I think she'll be a praise leaser.  She reminds me SO MUCH of me.  SO MUCH.  So, that's another reason why I am homeschooling.  I was a MESS and with God's help and ONLY with His help will I hopefully keep her from going down many of the paths I did.


So,  yeah.. I'm a stay at home mom and planning on doing homeschooling.. but..ya know, in THIS economy it's not too easy to just stay home with one income.. and four mouths to feed, so right now I'm looking for a part time job.. Please, if you pray, keep me lifted up in your prayers that I can find something that is pleasant and rewarding yet gives me time to still focus on God's calling in my life. 

God bless all of you!  I am happy to back and am looking forward to finding my way around things again.


have a good night

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