Like most people, you work hard so you can give your family (and yourself) the very best. But working for someone else often means you hardly have any time to spend with your family at all.


That's one of the many advantages of owning a Juice Plus+ Virtual Franchise. You can build the Juice Plus+ business around your life - not vice versa. That makes it the perfect part-time business, whether you're already out in the work force or working full time with your children at home.


What's more, there's no need for you to purchase product inventory to sell - we ship Juice Plus+ directly to your customers. Because of this and other "virtual" aspects of our business, you avoid the type of cost and risk normally associated with having a business of your own - and gain the greater flexibility to enjoy your life away from work in the process.


In fact, as you learn more about becoming a Juice Plus+ representative, you'll begin to realize just how different the Virtual Franchise system is from other home-based businesses you may have seen or heard about. The Virtual Franchise is a "no-hassle" system for sharing Juice Plus+ because we:


+ process your orders.
+ ship directly to your customers.
+ bill and collect from your customers.
+ pay you and your team members.
+ manage your business information.


With no "back office" work to tie you down, you're free to put your full energy into sharing Juice Plus+ with others.


And that's what being a Juice Plus+ representative is all about: sharing your enthusiasm for a product that has already helped thousands of families around the world get the added whole food based nutrition from fruits and vegetables they need every day.

Sharing the gift of health is the nicest thing you can do for someone!

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