Full of fresh fruit, dried fruit, and nuts-this gift is full of nutritious goodies! The gift box arrives with an assortment of yummy apples, oranges, pears, dried figs, dried plums, pistachios, and cashews. Tons of taste and it's good for you too!
The Simply Healthy Fruit Gift Box includes:

2 Juicy Sunkist Oranges
2 Seasonal Apples (Red... Delicious, Fancy Gala, Cripps, Braeburns, & Granny Smith's)
2 Sweet Bartlett Or Packham Pears
Dried Figs
Dried Plums

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Apr. 5, 2011 at 8:33 AM

Great ideas BUT is it really necessary to take up a seperate post for each one? For us just browsing posts it is annoying! And actually it made me not want to buy!

Love your enthusiasm!

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