wow... i cant believe im going to be a mom of two at 20... My first little girl just turned two. Time sure has flown bye...... I am 19 right now will be 20 in aug and im happy for once in my life??? I have a great husband who works very hard everyday day of the week i have a beautiful little girl who keeps learning new things everyday and im pregnant with my second child..........our lives our finally taken off and nothing can bring me down im so glad we got out of that no place state ky.... there was nothing there for me besides some pill heads and alot of drugs and ive over come all them things i am  a mom and a wife im happy and thats what matters it hurts to see my family drift away to nothing because of drugs but they always told me id be the bad one the one to go no where. well look at me now i left that state i am drug free and married my husband makes good money and in going places other then a grave im not going to kill myself withh pills there stupid and get you no where......................My family is what matters to me not my next high !!!! People need to wake up and watch what these drugs are doing to our young teens and others there not curing cancer there speeding death up by a long shot and no one seems to care down there well i do care and i dont want me or my children to be those plp..............

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