BeatriceSW's Journal

I'm a Greeny WAHM

After having our second daughter my husband and I decided that I would stay home and quit my full time job. WOW did we have to sacrifice but from that day I started looking for something I could do from my computer and not have to leave my home or sell any products. Finally 2 years later desperate for some extra income and really needing something “to do” I found the opportunity that would change our lives!!

What This Business OFFERS:
* Residual Income Potential
* 10-25 Hours a Week
* Need Only a Computer & Phone
* Get Started in Just One Day
* Full Training & 24 Hour Support System

What This Business is NOT:
* Not a Pyramid Scheme or Multi Level Marketing
* No False Promises
* No Cold Calling or Selling
* No Convincing or Persuading
* No Need to Stock a House Full of Products
100% Risk Free Opportunity.


I have been with the company for just over a year and I have replaced my income! We are working on replacing my husband’s income by the end of summer and soon being debt free. We know we can do it with this Team and Company and You Can TOO!! I am looking for 10 serious people that would like to supplement or replace their income. I will show you how to maximize your income in your very first month. If you have the DRIVE...We have the Company!


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