I am going to really try to change things around. No more negativity. Life is just what you make of it. If all I do is sit around and sulk over the fact that things have really changed over the past few months then it is never going to get better.

Summer is just around the corner. The kids are getting outside more, which is making them happier. Hubby is happy at the moment, despite having to work 12s this week, because his grandpa is up from Florida visiting. And I got all  my studing done and am ready for my last 2 final exams. I really hope I pass them. I am so ready to move on to my next set of classes. I'm still not sure about getting a teaching job here in Missouri though, the schools are just so different then what I am used to. Hopefully by the time I get my bachelors degree, I'll be used to the schools and be ready to work in them.

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