I am blessed :) I have 2 wonderful kids, a loving husband, new car and home. so why do I feel like this is not enough??  Before the kids and marriage, I was hardworking, outgoing and looking forward to starting a career. Now I am a stay at home mom struggling to find a job and have some independence. I miss making my own money, having time to myself, having friends......I miss putting myself first! so what do I do?? I know there has to be more women like me who feel the same way.....

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Apr. 19, 2011 at 12:21 PM

I catch your drift!

I work at a hospital doing Patient Care, and I cant rely on nobody but myself to provide income coming in & out, while on maternity leave. I was constantly relying on my fiance's money to do things and get things as well.. I cant imagine not returning to work at all..

I hope you land something soon hun..


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