A LEtter To my grandpa

Current mood:angry

Life is so unfair, things that are inevatable hurt like hell.  No matter if you know its comming or not.  Its the worst pain in the world losing someone you love someone so close to you.  I love you so much grandpa more than any words could ever describe.  I know that you are in a better place now and your not feeling any pain right now.  Im going to miss you so much, but i know when my time here is through we will be reunited once again, its only a temporary seperation.  I remember so much good times we had together.  When i was little I remember you and grandma picking me up and noone believed well my mom and dad didnt believe you would take me but you did you took me all the way to Oklahoma.  How you would sing that song to me to get me to go to sleep.  I'll never forget you and grandma took me in so i could finish school.  I know that your watching over us all right now your the one who is going to make sure my husband gets home safe.  Your Daytons gurdian angel, thats what i tell him.  I told him that God needed a guardian angel and you chose to do it.  I just wish i would have gotten to say goodbye to you. But Really its not a goodbye Goodbye is so permanate, and we will all be reunited with you again.  But I love you so much grandpa, And i hope your okay now.  I know you wouldnt want us all being sad over this, because you suffered for awhile now.  Your in better hands now grandpa.  You'll always be missed but never forgoten!!!! I love you Bushel and a Peck $1.98

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