DEDICATED TO OUR UNBORN CHILD TAKEN AWAY AUG 19, 2004 Where is our baby? Why is it gone? Is it okay? Why did something go wrong? What could we have done different? The doctor calls and says to come in. You don't think anything is wrong, just a normal visit. She tells you some devastating news, somethings just not right! But still not preparing for the worst you get an ultrasound just to make sure everything is okay. She finds the baby, but something is missing, something is just not right. Then you realize that there is no heart beat. Why what's wrong??? Then the doctor tells you that she is sorry that your baby is gone, no longer alive. But the baby is ok, so you want to believe. She's just not up to playing right now. She doesn't want her picture taken. She is camera shy. They try and prepare you for a D&C. But the baby is not dead so why do they want to take it, everyone is against you. It's just not fair. How can something so precious not make it to life? They took it too soon. No time to grieve or talk about the options. To them there is only one way to go. They say it's already gone, but why?? They prepare you to go into surgery, but nothing can prepare you for what is about to take place. They put you to sleep, And when you awake everything is gone. Your life has changed forever. Are you ever going to be able to recover? Are you ever going to be able to accept the truth, does the pain ever go away? NO!!!! The pain never ends. We will never understand. Was it a boy or girl? Will we ever see you again? I hope you are in a better place I hope you are watching over us. And I hope one day you can return to us, when you are ready to live your life here on earth Our home is always open to you. Mommy, Daddy, and your baby brother Dayton Miss you and love you and we cant wait till we can hold you, but we will wait till you are ready. So where is our baby you ask? She is in Heaven and in our hearts. Wrote by Nicole Chambers august 23rd 2004

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Jun. 9, 2011 at 4:40 PM


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