Thank you all for visiting my page and I am looking forward to getting to know each of you. In the past I have met many wonderful women on here and we are friends still. I love to pen pal ~~ the old fashioned way and share life with the friends I meet on here. I took a couple years off for several reasons and was really surprised when I typed in my CM account and it was still here; so I just started up where I stopped. Funny that it happened to be this very same time of year and that my posts were Easter/Resurrection posts.

Many of the friends that I did have on here are no longer CM members or they have new profiles; but, I am sure with some investigating I can find them.

So, anyways~~~ just want to say hello, thanks for visiting my page, leaving comments and putting you hand out in friendship. Be blessed and thanks!

I Am The Vine


I Am The Vine

God is like a giant grapevine
Strong, sturdy and unbreakable
And we are all his branches
Knowing we will  grow strong
From the strength of the vine

The vine gives great nourishment
It fills the branches with great strength
It holds the branches close to its side
Then lets the branches bear fruit

As does the love of God
For God says, I am the vine
And ye are my branches
I will love and nurture you
As long as you stay by my side

For I tell all of you
That I am the vine
And all of you are my branches
Which I promise,

 I will love and nurture forever

┬ęDonna J. Kramer

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