Are you a fun out going Mom? How would you like to have a business that is actually fun to run? How about a simple to do business? How would you like to earn some good money, and get free items along the way? If this sounds like something you would want, then you need to check out Scentsy! I just love my scentsy business it really does come with an easy button, because everyone that see's scentsy warmer's, and smells scentsy scents are hooked.Who doesn't love scentsy?The candle warmer's are so beautiful, and with 80 scents to choose from there really is something for everyone.I'm just getting started good in my scentsy business, but I am loving it.I was selling scentsy the first day I got my starter kit, and you can too.All you have to do is share Scentsy with people, it's that simple.I have never had the success from direct selling, as I am having with Scentsy.I personally wouldn't go a day without plugging my warmer up.It keeps your house smelling great all day.You too can have your very own scentsy business.All you have to do is purchase a scentsy starter kit for $99.That might seem like a lot to most, but when you see everything that comes in the kit you will be blowed away.I know i was.You get a full size warmer which alone sells for $30.You get a scentsy bar,a scentsy buddy, a scent pack for your buddy.You get a had sanitizer foam, a room spray,a circle scent for your closet, or car.You get a scentsy travel tin.You get all 80 sample scents.Then you get order forms,a dvd to watch, a welcome letter,a calendar,a planner,hostess,spring, and summer catalogs (50), and much, much more.You will have everything you need to get your business up, and running, and making you money from day one as well.You also get your very own personal website for free the first 3 months, and then it's just $10 a month after that.Come join my scentsy team, you'll be glad you did!

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Apr. 6, 2011 at 2:39 PM

I have been with Scentsy a short time.I got my starter kit Saturday, and here it is Wenseday, and I have over $200 in sales, and I'm getting more orders up today.yeah I would say scentsy works, and works great.All you have to do is share scentsy with people.It's really that easy!!

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