12 DPO - I feel absolutely nothing out of the norm today other than the same ol lower abdominal pressure I've had since 3 DPO only now it's milder (probably cuz I've just gotten used to it by now!!!) Woke up with bad allergies again - Actually wearing jeans today instead of sweats - My doc had his nurse call me to follow up on my visit from 8 DPO (I've never had a doc follow up on a visit before!! - Needless to say he will be my primary physician from now on!!!) - I told her that I'm going to wait till AF is due and if she doesn't show up I'll know why all the pressure down there and if she does then I'll come for scans - Made chicken dinner and it tasted weird to me so I didn't eat much ........ Hubs and son loved it - I haven't had any sex drive at all since all this started so it's been a while since we BD, but i mustered up the energy tonight and when he pulled out there was a TON of CM so I have no clue what that's supposed to mean ......... It's never been like before

13 DPO - Pretty much the same as above ....... Just mild pressure down below and really bad allergies - Queasy, but not nearly as bad as 11 DPO

14 DPO - Woke up at 3 this morning and couldn't get back to sleep ..... Decided to test for the hell of it since it was FMU got a BFN (big shock there) ........ Nothing really to report other than really bad allergies as usual ...... This is the 1st day since ovulation I actually feel normal like everything just went bye bye minus the pressure and bloating, but it's much milder now (THANK GOD!!)

15 DPO - Same mild pressure & bloating as yesterday - A little queasy this morning ..... It's friday today and I'm due to start AF on Monday (April 11, 2011) so just the weekend left in my 2WW!! Crunchy cheetos seem to be my lifeline since last weekend .... Cheetos and turkey sub from subway (I don't even care for turkey usually) ........ That's pretty much all I have to report ..... No symptoms otherwise

16 DPO - No symptoms at all other than bloating, but AF is due in 2 days so ......... Looks like I'm out this cycle lol, but it's always fun "trying" ;-)

17 DPO - Just bloating and not sure I mentioned this before, but I've had a TON of creamy white CM ever since ovulation and it's still very much present now - Diarreah all day - Tired and cold - Still allergies, but it's allergy season!! -Countdown to AF begins right now - Today is the last official day of my 2WW =)

18 DPO - AF arrived right on time today

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