Last week Joshua was on Spring Break from school and spent it in Arkansas with his dad.He continued to take the pill each day while on his break...I made sure by texting him everyday like a nut-job mom, LOL. The thing is...he has to take it before 10 in the morning or he won't be able to sleep at night. I asked his dad how he was..if he had noticed any changes. He said, well..he was a little wired on the ride down there..which is expected for any kid on a 14 hour drive. But after that..he was great.

     He came home this past Saturday and he was a little sad, cried a little..he tried to hide it from me by covering his face with a blanket and said he was just tired.But I knew.I'm mom..of course I know.So I curled up next to him on the couch and held him. I told him it's okay to cry and its okay to be sad.He misses his dad.So, the sadness is normal. Now the difference from before the pill...Joshua would get sad about missing his dad and he'd cry but he'd be super angry at the same time and it would last for days.He would be hateful towards me , he treated me as though it was all my fault that his dad lives so far away..and it was like he wasn't able to get past that, no matter how hard I tried to talk to him...eventually he would come around, but it always took a few days and it would scare me.I watched him sink into a childhood depression and there was nothing I could do about it. The difference this time...well, he let me comfort him right away.He cried but he didn't blame me.We talked and it didn't take days for him to come to me...he talked to me right away. He seemed better soon after and he's fine now. Of course, he'll miss his dad as long as he lives so far away but it's not like a devastation to him.The thing is..I think he is able to mentally handle it better now.He was able to reason and to listen to reason.He understood.Thats the difference.

     Of course..just a pill alone can't "fix" everything. He needs other outlets as well. He needs to free up that energy..and well..just be a kid.Thats a big thing with these kids with ADHD, I think. We all expect kids to sit when thier supposed to.To be quiet and just listen.Talk, not shout.Walk, not run.Stand still, not jump. Afterall..theres a time and place for everything, right.How often during a school day do they have time to do these things? Then they come home from school...homework.Chores.Dinner. I put him a basketball hoop in layaway for his birthday.I was going to wait until his party this Saturday to give it to him, but I couldnt wait :) So I gave it to him on Sunday.He has gotten up a half an hour early ON HIS OWN yesturday and today so he could go outside and play for a little.Then he comes in, takes his shower, eats, takes his pill.And this is all his won doing. He made this schedule up for himself.He talked to me about it first, asked if it was okay. I said, Of long as you stay on time and don't miss your bus.So far, so good. I don't even have to tell him to come in! He sets his little alarm on his phone outside and he stays out there no lonoger than a half an hour. So that is yet ANOTHER improvement I've seen with him on this Adderall. CONCEPT OF TIME. I don't think he really had that concept down before.He was like the energizer bunny..go go go go go...until I had to yell at him to do what he needed to do. So..BIG POSITIVE DIFFERENCE there.

     He also has taken the initiate to earn money for what he wants.He came to me with an allowance proposal.Yes.My son.LOL. We did this in the past but over time, he just gave up on it and I had given up on it as well..tired of the fight it took to get him to do anything.So he says, "Mom..remember that calandar thing we used to do for my chores?" I said, "yeah"..he says" I really want to earn the money to buy the Black Ops video game" In my mind I said, "Holdy this my son actually ASKING to do work for money?"Out loud I said to him " Sounds like a plan to me buddy". So he brought down his little horse calandar and we began to talk. Now this system works for kids like Joshua because its a day by day thing..its not overwhelming. Each day he completes his chores, he earns $1.00 up to 3 chores.If I give more chores than that, I give him a bonus. Of course, for extra hard chores, I give a bonus for that as well. So as each day comes along, if I need something done, I write it down on a pad of paper and when he completes it, he checks it off.So in the end..he's earning about $10 a week..a decent allowance for an 11 year old.But the catch is..if he gives me any grief over the chore, throws a fit...he has to complete the chore and doesn't get paid. can imagine the cut down on the attitude for that, lol.On the calendar..when he's all done with his chores, I pull out a roll of stickers and he puts one on the calendar for that day.He's proud of himself. I'm proud of him too. :)

     He has been at school for a total of 10 full school days while on Adderall.Today will be the 11th. And you know..its amazing I have not gotten one bad report from his school this whole time.No negative phone call.No in house detentions.No write ups from the bus driver.Joshua actually told me he likes his bus driver now..that the bus driver is his friend,lol. After all the write ups coming home from that driver..this is blessed news for me to hear, LOL. I can only imagine how relieved that driver is to see this kid that used to cause so much trouble on that bus actually enjoying a conversation with her. Joshua even told me that the bus driver was helping him with his studying by calling out his spelling words for Joshua to spell on the way home. haha. Go figure that one. A kid that would rather study on the school bus than goof off with his buds on his way home after a long day of school.AMAZING.

     As for side effects that I was concerned with..everything seems to be under control.No more headaches.No more twitching of the hands,shoulders and lips.He spent the night with his grandma last night to help with the horses. Now, last night..he couldnt' sleep.So this may be a new effect going on.He texted me from his cell phone about 10:30. He said "I just read 16 pages in my book" (Harry Potter) I replied " That's wonderful Joshua, I'm so proud of you but why are you still awake? You know you should be asleep" He texted back,  "Ok I will be at the house tomorrow did Bobby fix my bball hoop?Can you make me breakfast in the morning I will be home around 7:10ish good night I know this isa lot to say but a lot of things are on my mind.GOOD NIGHT.Can we go get my hair cut  cut tomorrow?GOOD NIGHT.For the last time." THAT IS A WHOLE LOT FOR JOSH TO TXT! LOL And he spelled everything correctly too! I responded to that and then he sent me another text " Soooooooooo mom I can't go to sleep I have too much on my mind.My basketball hoop, my hair cut, You know what I can read right now because I was reading a really good book and I was like WOW that is really cool" LOL! YES! those words came from my son who has been a self proclaimed book hater for as long as I can remember. Well..obviously he was having trouble sleeping last night so I told him to go ahead and keep on reading his book until he felt sleepy. It always has worked for me. He was happy about it, it worked.He came home this morning (my mom dropped him off about 7:30) , he was wide awake, happy, chipper, pleasant. He played his basketball, ate his breakfast. We had one moment where he was being a goofball but it passed and he did what he needed to do to get ready for school.So..there's ANOTHER positive improvement. The boy enjoys reading! Can you believe it? I almost can't,lol. I think its because now he can focus long enough to absorb what it is he is reading and its making sense to him. He's absorbing it.

     All in all..I have go to say..BIG DIFFERENCE so far.One of the toughest decisions I'v ehad to make was to agree to put my son on this medication.I thought the worst...and you is workinig out just fine. My fears are setting to rest. Of course, I still ask him several times  a day " Does your heart feel like its racing?" " Are you having trouble breathing?" lol..hey..I'm a mom..I'm supposed to be paranoid.

     I love having my son back.He was really drifting up because he couldn't succeed and it hurt him.And he's coming back. He has a more positive attitude. He more pleasant to be around. He's proud of himself. And his smile still lights up a room like no other.I am so proud of him. I have nothing but great hope and expectations for his future. Of course..this is still just the beginning phases.I'm sure our journey is still a long one awaiting ahead...but I personally feel encouraged and confidant that all the tomorrows waiting for us will be matter what bumps come along our way.

I love you Joshua! xoxo


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