I finally did it...I am working from home! My friend introduced me to a legit work at home business. It was so much easier than I thought. I watched a short webinar  video and my friend told me about these fabulous products (over 350) she has been using in her home. The best part was that they were non-toxic! I purchased a few to try out. She was right, they are great. 

 I became a member and began selling memberships and products. Best part, no products to stock up on and deliver, no parties to book! It is all done on line. You enter the information, make the appointments, make a few phone calls and your done! I am a click or a phone call away from any help that I might need. 

I am excited about my new venture. I get to put in the time when I have the time. My girls still have me and we get the extra income we need.


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