So once again it has became that time again, Birthday time! Now dont get me wrong I absolutely LOVE to plan and host parties especially for my favorite people, but i dont like that there is only two weeks in between them! My son's bithday is on May 10 and then My daughters on May 25. Now if they were two boys or two girls we would definately have one party but with one of each i think they both deserve seperate theme'd parties... So let the planning began!

Logan picked out a Pirate Theme party... which should be very very fun!! I have so great ideas for it! Its amazing the stuff you can find when planning a theme'd party. I use this website is great!! It has any thing that you can think of or that your child will like on there! Last year I had my son a Super Mario Birthday Party and My Daughter a Disney Princess Birthday, all from ideas from this website! & the kids loved it btw! :) This year as I said Logan choose a Pirate Theme and Laila choose a Strawberry Shortcake Theme! Im so excited!! but I always feel like Im going broke!! I have two partys to plan and supply and two sets of gifts! wheewww... but the crazy part about it is, there are two months out of the year where it is like this.. May for my son and daughter... and then August for my husband and myself and some of our very close friends..

Do you have any ideas for the kids birthday party??

Heres Pictures from their Parties Last Year! Enjoy!

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