With our Vi-Shape™ Nutritional Shake mix, having just one a day for breakfast can save you up to $4 per day on your groceries, and give you better nutrition! With a full serving of protein, vitamins & minerals, prebiotics, fiber, and calcium, you can’t compare the power packed nutrition and hunger busting energy you’re going to feel versus an ‘average’ breakfast of cereal, muffins, toast, bagels, or other sugary and starchy foods.

I am also going to attach a Personal Story from a woman named Pam.
 Also my friend has lost 77 lbs in 90-Days on the challenge. I am on the transformation kit and I have lost 18lbs in just 26 days.

Here is another link.. This has the FAQ's about the 90-day challenge and the Vi shake.

Tara Schaeffer

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