I was doing some additional research on this theory,  out of pure curiosity and I thought I would share because I found it quite fascinating.

It basically says that the earlier the ultrasound the more accurate for the placenta placement because it moves and grows over time. It also says that in order to even be able to tell where its at you MUST ask your untrasound tech because there is no way to tell what angle they have the doppler pointed in, so it could falsely look like the placenta is on the left when it is actually on the right.

So I am sorry to say ladies, unless you already know the sex it is unreliable to use the placenta placement theory as an accurate way to predict the gender.

In my own ultrasounds this has been confirmed.

At 6 weeks I was told by the tech that the baby was implanted on the right (pictured below). At 14 weeks I got another scan done and the placenta appears to be on the bottom left (its a tummy scan so the image is reverse), therefore in my opinion the theory is not accurate. The placenta moves a lot during pregnancy. What about women with placenta previa?

Anyways here are the photos. The first is a vaginal ultrasound and the baby is to the right (clearly), and the second (tummy scan, so reverse the image) is at 14 weeks and the placenta is to the bottom left.

The Placenta Theory?

There is a theory about placental attachments and the gender of the baby. As the theory goes, if the placenta is on the LEFT, then its a girl. If it is on the RIGHT, it is a boy. I find this theory is often correct, but then again, I am scanning the patient at 18+ weeks, and can see the placenta clearly, as well as the gender. The theory that uses the placenta studies the use of colour doppler to identify the placenta at 6-7 wks. Personally, I would not chance exposing a teeny tiny developing embryo to the high levels of sound waves that is used for colour doppler. Just a whole risk vs benefit thing. Without colour, the placenta is tough to identify accurately this early on. 12 wks would be more reasonable.

Posting a picture of the baby and asking where the placenta is not accurate here unfortunately. The tech who took your image, did it from an angle that best shows the baby or nuchal fold or so forth. She has to take the pic with the probe sideways, or up and down, or obliqued to get this "angle". Sadly, if the angle of the probe is not documented on the image, it is impossible to guess where it "actually" is. To be honest, sometimes the tech does not think of this probe angle, she is just interested in getting the best shot possible of your babe

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Jun. 5, 2011 at 5:12 PM

I think that an ultrasound should only be used if absolutely necessary :) The gender of my babies was not a factor for me.

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Jun. 5, 2011 at 10:00 PM

My placenta was actually perfectly in the center according to the ultrasound tech - and its a girl :) The gender theory was not accurate for me based on the first two ultrasound photos.

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