Lately I have been meeting guys who I would like to date but I am so burned out from the relationship thing its driving me crazy. I have spent so much time trying to keep myself from doing the wrong thing and staying in a relationship That is not right for me just to make my mom happy and she says its all about you after lectures of do the right thing now she tells me to do whatever makes me happy.

 Somewhere along the  line I realized I would like to date again and just have a relationship where a guy comes to my house and takes me places we do not move into together and he has his own house.

 He also should not say things like  I wish I was a woman so I could get free meals or free gifts. I wish I was a woman so men can take care of me when I am lazy and do nothing.

 I met this guy he is calm and he is calm he does not make people feel bad or yell and try to say bad things as he needs to bring his own self esteem up. I also realized the last couple months all of the anger I have been feeling has nothing to do with me but my ex and he knows it. There are toxic people and with me all of the people I know our toxic even if they do not show it. I was getting toxic from hanging around them and now I just want to date and this guy Jerry is so calm does not raise his voice and is very good at what he does. I am excited to be figuring out how I can make my life better I do not want to get married just have a better life. So dating is not going to be a career for me just something I do once and a while

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