when my first daughter was born i had a hard time raising her due to the fact that i didnt know how to raise a kid before .. now that my second one is here and almost 2 years old im having a hard time dealing with both kids. one is younger then the other so i have to really keep my cool which i cant . i found myself more angry stressed out and out of control . my fience cant put up with me anymore nor can anyone else. when i go to bed i fall asleep and the next day have to do the same thing all over, everyone around me tells me now that im a bad mother and im going to lose my children some day . im scared for myself because i dont want to lose my children i love them so much. 

when i go to work thats the only thing on my mind. THEM . i love them so much i give them everything they want and need . which i know is no good. i have pain in my body all the time, plus i see myself getting angry at the littlist things anyone does to me. i want to change but i dont know how.. im scared i  need help really bad . but dont know where to go to get the help.

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Apr. 5, 2011 at 10:34 PM

Try going to the doctor and for starters having your hormones checked. How old are your kids and if you are physical with them you most certainly do need to go get help b/c all of these people that are telling you that your kids taking away one day will call the state on you and if you are doing something that you should not be doing you will get them taken away. Being a parent is not an easy job everyone gets stressed out and have their days trust me I know we have four kids and they are a handful but it I thought for one second I could not handle it I would go straight to the doctor and check on the problem. Good luck hope you can just breath and really think about going to the doctor.

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Apr. 5, 2011 at 11:06 PM

I took a class once that provided advice for anyone when they get angry...stop, take a deep breath and walk away from the situation for a minute or two then come back.  You may also be depressed which causes feelings of anger.

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Apr. 6, 2011 at 7:43 PM

 Maybe try going to parenting classes that is age appropriate for your children.  Learning how to cope and deal with children of their ages.   Are your children on a schedule?  Having a schedule really helps with children.  For your 2 year old sometimes outside activities can release some of her energy-go for a walk, or play ball.  This will also tire her out so that she can nap, and then you can get some time for yourself.  Do you have someone who can babysit?  or some support?  Sometimes just getting a few hours to yourself may help.  If you are having pain in your body all the time then talk to your doctor, hopefully he can help.  Don't be scared to reach out for help if you feel that is what you need.   You can change and the sooner you do that the better not only for yourself but for your children.  Try and find some relaxing things to do when you feel stressed.  Take one day at a time, focus on your 2 little blessings....If you need a friend or someone to listen you can message me.  Believe in yourself and know you can do this. 

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