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Taking it One Step at a Time..

Today I went and got school supplies for Corey to start his 2nd grade year next Monday.  I was going to start after Easter but my son has been going a little wild on me so I am trying to get him back to his routine.

Anyways, this year I am doing things a little differently.  We are only going to concentrate on 4 subjects every 8 weeks and then we will take a 2 week break, and start 4 more subjects.  The first 4 we will start with are Bible, (which we will do every term) then reading and phonics, Language Arts and Handwriting.  These are his worst subjects so I figure once he gets good at reading and writing the rest will go along much easier...I hope

I'm kinda worried though..Lately Corey has been acting up a lot...mostly about chores...as we all do; he hates chores so every morning its like pulling teeth to get him to do his chores.  I have tried everything to make it fun..from making games out of it to offering him an allowance...he still fights every minute of it. 

And of-course in these fights he also brings up that he hates chores just as much as he hates school.  All he wants to do is play his video games.  This is another issue we have been dealing with.  Its like he is addicted or something.  A few weeks ago he got into trouble and we pawned his WII system and took his computer privileges for 3 weeks,  Man I thought the kid was going to die...every day he whined about wanting to play..I wanted to not let him have the privileges back..but he was doing good with his chores and did act better in the last week so my husband gave him back the Wii.  Then this morning when I told him we had to do chores he started throwing another fit....because he wanted to play computer.  I nicely explained that it is daddy's b-day and we don't have time for his fit today because I wanted to throw daddy a party...he still through a fit so at this point lost it and called him a selfish little bastard.

I felt so bad as soon as I said that...I dont even know where that came from it just kinda flew out of my mouth.  I did apologize to him and told him I was very wrong for usng that language toward him.  He thought that meant I was going to let him play computer...but I didnt..he still had to do chores so I am still the meanest mom on the planet....sigh

Once again, because of these fits..there is no more privileges for another month...almost everyone I know thinks I am being too harsh on him but at this point I don't see how else he is going to learn that life doesn't revolve around computers and video games?

I am so tired of all of these fits...I am actually dreading starting school again just because it will be another reason for him to act up.  I have thought briefly about putting him back in public school but then I remember all the headaches I had last year with the Public school system before and I don't want to deal with that again...so I will try to stay strong and do what I know is best for my son.


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