Friday night 4/1/11: John 30 years old came of of prison after a four year sentence. Was sent to the Redwood Gospel Mission with nothing but the clothes on his back and a few dollars. Meets Nate and immediately starts a friendship. John has been in and out of jail since he was 11 because of gang related activities.

Know he will get in trouble within the next 48 hours and heads back in to do time!

Saturday4/2/11: Nate starts speaking into his life about the "Comfort of Hope" ministry and wants him to meet me. Nate calls me and tell me his need of shoes and then ask if we could pick him up for church. Told him no problem.

Sunday4/3/11: Pick them up  and I am introduce to John. I ask him a little about his life before service and spoke about forgiving himself....very new concept for him....He was teary eyes all during service and could not understand why (Holy Spirit is moving within him). Take him and Nate to a second service at the Raven house to see a special friend of mine Bobby Chance come and give testimony about his 30 years of street ministry that has taken him in many places around the world.

John again in tears and was overwhelm by the love he was receiving from my brothers and sisters. And a friend that I has invited gave me a bag of clothes for the outreach. Inside was a brand new pair of tennis shoes and new socks for John!!!!

Monday4/4/11: He went and saw a ad for a job as a telemarketer. Went in and got an interview on the spot. About an hour later he got a phone call...He got the job!!!!!! Just need his ID and SSI Card.

Tuesday4/5/11: I saw him after homeless outreach and ask if I would take him to get a voucher for his ID which he got and to DMV...done. He was so humble blessed he just could not understand what was happening to him. He then asked me how can he received the salvation of Jesus Christ because he knows God was with him. Told him he just needs to cry out in sorrowful repentance and the Lord will forgive all he has ever done.   

Nate is 34 and has been pushing drugs in te streets for 16 years. He had been coming to church for the last 9 weeks and the Lord is sofening his hard heart.

Spoke with Nate and he is now going to go and get interview tommorrow and hope that he will finally get a real job....GOD IS REAL!!!!!!!


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Apr. 8, 2011 at 3:49 PM

Nate Got the job !!!

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