Well what haven't I learned since having kids? My children have taught me about the depths of love. We can all say that we love unconditionally but until you have children we never really have. I have learned that no matter what you look like whether it be with spit up,  bodily fluids of others, no shower, crazy bed head, bad breath, BO, unmatched socks, unmatched clothes or a meal just thrown together. There is ALWAYS someone who wants to snuggle, hug and kiss on you. Our children are our legacy and what do I want my legacy to say? I want them to say how much they were loved and that their parents always put them first. I want them to say that I always had time for them.I have learned that we as mothers have an intuition and it is ALWAYS right, so if I dont get the answer I am looking for I dig a little deeper. Most importantly that you really DONT need sleep to survive.

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Apr. 7, 2011 at 12:14 AM

Wow, you remind me of me??? I like your thinking girlie.  You are the kind of person who makes the most of what you have and you tend to forgive easily and are passionate about certain things. :)

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