People are crazy about Angelina Jolie - and as we all know Angie is crazy about babies. Then again, what kind of person doesn't like babies?


Maybe you don't want half a dozen of your own but hey, they're awfully cute.



And if you're keeping up with Hollywood moms like the beloved Angie Jo, Jennifer Lopez and Britney Spears, then you know they love to shop! Tiny Tillia is all the rage for their little celebrity tykes. You can do it without all the paparazzi fanfare!  Coming to a computer near you April12th

This adorable line was created by a Mom (Tiffany Lerman, daughter to famed author, Jackie Collins), who like so many moms just want the best for their little ones.                                       

Although loved by Hollywood moms, it won't cost you the kids college fund to purchase..



J.Lo. and her hubby Marc Anthony are big fans of the bath mitts for their twins Emme and Max. The bath mitts come in various characters like Duncan Dog or Indy Sheep for under $5.

(bath mits)

In fact all the products at Tiny TIllia are very reasonably priced.




So be sure to check out Tiny Tillia....What's Hot for Tots at

Not only can you purchase these adorable items, you can become an Avon rep and also sell them!!

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