He's been sober now for about 6 months. Not by choice, he always told me I could never make him quit. Well someone called DSS and if he didn't quit I said that I was leaving and taking the kids with me, since I was not going to lose my kids over his drinking. My father use to say "get rid of the damn beer and he will change". I just lost my Dad April 8th last year and would love to ask him "what do I do now?". It hasn't made him any different. He still sits on the couch instead of playing with the kids or doing anything. I thought he would have energy to burn, but no help with house work, the kids, anything...I am sure there is some underlying depression there but he says he is one of the most positive people. I try to point out when he isn't but that doesn't work

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Apr. 6, 2011 at 11:23 AM

He probably misses one of his best friends that is beer and all the fun that came with it. Sorry to hear your in such a bind with this one. i would definetely have him help you plan things out do with the kids so he knows he has to do them since he was a contributing part of it.

One of the worst things to do when someone is getting over a bad habit like that is to point out all the negatives. I would try different things like point out the positive and like i said above...include him into things. If he still is a bum then it is your choice to do whats best from there.

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