Ugh i dont even know where to begin. Im 19 with a 5mo old baby. His name is Matthew. Hes a good baby. His father on the other hand has started making me angry. Hes 19 (so the immaturity is basically understood) but i just dont get why he feels the need to lie to me. I havent done anything that gives him a reason to. Wish i understood him somewhat, then maybe things would work better between us.

Example: He claimed he would give me a ride to work yesterday (knowing he was my only way there since i cant drive and my gma was in the hospital) but instead of picking me up or even calling me to say he wasnt coming he just didnt show up.I had to call a friend of mine to pick me up and take me in. I was almost late and extreemly irrate.

I do so many things for him and it seems like he doesnt really care about being with me or doing anything for me or his son. He thinks that twenty- five dollars per month will pay for matts stuff. >.< ugh god i need advice on how to approach this situation.

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Apr. 6, 2011 at 2:19 PM

My advise to you is to try and be more self dependant! Don't rely on him for money or rides to work etc... Whether it's his age or maturity level, you need to make it on your own! Who knows why he lies, could just be the person he is and i seriously doubt your gonna change. It's not because of what you do that he lies, it may just be who he is. As far as approaching the situation, tell him how your not gonna tolerate his lying and tell him he needs to help you or he can remove himself from your and your sons life! That's the last thing you need to do is lose your job cause he doesn't feel it's important enough to get you there! Put your foot down mom, you don't need him to raise too!

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