holding easter egg 

Hey Ya'll~ Its that time again, Easter is right around the  corner!!

  • -What do you and your family do for  Easter?
  • - What is your favorite food to make? Do you do Brunch, Lunch, Dinner, or Deserts?
  • - What is your kids favorite Easter Activity?

-- I always do a big Easter Egg Hunt Sunday Brunch type of thing.. Last year we did an easter craft day & lunch for the kids and us girls, then ofcourse on Easter day did a Easter Egg Hunt with the kids and had deserts and candies... WELLLL~~~~~~> this year .. Im doing an Easter Hunt and Desserts! Pies, Cakes, Cupcakes, Chocolates, Candies, Brownies, Cookies, etc... for everyone, everything lol. We have a huge yard and can keep the kids busy for over an hour looking for easter eggs... They enjoy it so much and then especially looking in it and finding your surprise.. that really excites them! hmmmm theres another thing i need to think about -- what am i going to put in the eggs??

  • What do you put in your kids Easter eggs?

So ofcourse with easter activities must come Easter Baskets! - I always do real big and crazy stuff nothing expensive but very FULL easter baskets with just little stuff from the Dollar Store! The kids love the little 'break easily and quickly toys" so we get those for occasions like this or rewards and allowence spending! Im wating to change things up a little maybe.. any suggestions on what to put in the kids easter baskets?

  • What do you put in your kids Easter Baskets?

Look forward to hearing all the suggestions!!

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