It has been such a long time since I have updated how things are going in my neck of the woods. We have had lots going on and tend to stay busy and sometimes I'm not sure how to handle it.

Madison is 9 and just started playing softball. It has been a bit of a challenge since she is up against girls who have been playing since they were 4, but she is holding her own. She still is active in gymnastics and she has an Exhibition coming up soon which we are all thrilled about. School for Madison has been going great as well, and she is in the gifted class so this makes us happy.

As for Joshua, my little fella, he is 6 and not far from now will turn 7. I'm not ready for this by any means. I still see him as my baby and he is at the age where being a mama's baby is not cool. He still lets me hold his hand in public and gives kisses before he goes so this is another thing that makes me happy. He is not doing as great with 1st grade as we had hoped, but he is improving. I made the decision to hold him back, so 1st grade again next year. I'm looking at this as a good thing and with him not turning 7 until August he will fit right in with all the others. He is playing T-ball and actually has his first game tomorrow night.

I at the moment I'm not working and loving staying at home with the kids. It's been so great to spend the extra time with them that I didn't get to when I was working a full time job. I plan on going back to work at some point. Dewayne and I are doing fabulous. It took a while to get it together, but I think we have finally figured things out. The main reason trouble came about is not having God present in our lives the way he should always be. I'm so thankful for all those experiences bc I think overall it's made us better.

Well I guess that is it for now, but I plan to get back with the whole Cafemom thing.....I have missed it.

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