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4.6.11 Day 20

As the title implies I am on day 20 of ther Vitex Challenge. My BBT temp was 98.2 this am, yeah for the rise. I officially 4 DPO TODAY! I am still cramping really bad on the right hand side and not sure why. My breasts are tender and my inner thighs are on fire! My cm is super thick and creamy. My cervix is low firm and closed up tight.

I am 98 % sure that we timed sex correctly, but not for a baby boy. So hello Camryn Isabella Everleigh Jones ;-). We has sex the day before ovulation not the day of. Oh well. I will be officially testing on 4/15/11. C'mon BFP!! My EDD based on ovulation is 12/23/2011.  The only scary thing is that my FF chart is going to not recognize my fall back rise and put my O date 2 days after the fact. I was always under the impression that once your CM dries up and you see a .2 degree shift that the day before was your O date. Maybe I am confused. 

here is my FF

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