It has now been one month since I have started doing swagbucks. In my first month I have earned 1,800 swagbucks. I now have enough to cash them in for $20 worth of amazon gift cards. I am planning on using the amazon gift card to buy birthday and Christmas gifts. If I continue doing this it will help so much at Christmas time. Here is how to start earning swagbucks.

First, it is completely free. You simply go to and start an account. ( If you would like to use me as a referral my screen name is mbrheil.) You will be given 30 swagbucks just for setting up an account.

The next step is to start earning swagbucks. There are many ways to earn swagbucks. Here are a few ways I have earned my swagbucks.

- Searching the web, by using swagbucks search engine instead of goggle/yahoo ect.

- Watching videos. For watching the videos under swag TV you will be given 3 swagbucks for each 10 videos you watch. The videos are not long usually 1-5 minutes. This is how I earned a lot of my swagbucks.

- Printing coupons and using them. Each time you print and use a coupon you will be given 10 swagbucks.

- Searching the web for swagbucks codes.

Once, you start earning swagbucks you can decide how you would like to spend them. I decided to get  amazon gift card for $5. The $5 gift cards are a better value then the higher amount gift cards. You can use multiple gift cards when buying something off of amazon.

If you are interested in signing up for swagbucks but, have questions please let me know and I'll be glad to help. Also if you would like to use me as a referral my screen name is mbrheil.

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