My body at the moment is suffering from a split personality... Or should I say several. One minute it is nice and energetic, next it is relaxed and at its worst it likes to sit and do nothing like a rock.

 It has been one year since I completed the total weight loss challenge I set for myself. But lately it hasn't exactly been easy. I've given myself STACKS of breaks for weeks on end, to go back in and start afresh in order to give the body a new jump start. These days though it hasn't been working. Each time I go into the gym now, I set myself a new goal (no more weight loss); either it is to tackle an exercise weakness I have (I HATE long distance running), or to build muscle to make up for sedentary behaviours in between my gaps.

 Don't get me wrong, I do really well. If you told me that I could do push-ups on my feet two years ago, that would be out of the question. Saying that I would be doing chin ups in 2011 would have given me a heart attack... I'm so glad I have come so far and wouldn't take it back for anything in the world. But as it seems, the body is starting to demand much more rigorous training, and it looks like me - Being my own personal trainer, that I'm going to have to give her a kick in the can in order to get those muscles moving again.

 The last few weeks haven't been the most healthy of ones. Food wise I have always been good in the sense to make sure to eat small and often. But then I haven't been feeling well for a while, and even though I perform much better at exercise and endurance than feeling sick; tiredness is setting in.

 I've already had consultation with my Doctor to ensure I am doing the right things necessary to sustain what I am now (in case of weight loss) and it is staying nice and steady. No sudden drop, no sudden gain. This is exactly what they want as it isn't suggested to make any huge changes right now or in the near future. I broached the issue with him weeks ago that my body no longer "feels challenged" by any goal I set for myself, in which case he replied that it might be considered "later down the track" to get involved with an athletics team: "Don't get yourself caught up now. Continue the way you are; swap and change it as much as you can. Do not overcommit your body to a triathlon mentality until this time next year. I'm telling you now, you just won't handle it".

So somehow, I have to come up with a new training regime and it won't be easy. For the last 4 months I have been changing and swapping around new incentives for myself already and they haven't worked. I can no longer afford a Personal Trainer, and even when I did have Jacqui for assistance; my body had already stopped performing by this stage: No increase of muscle tone, no weight loss and no weight gain.

I have found the reason why I now like exercise so much is not just because of the demands placed on the body, but on the amount of concentration needed mentally in each workout to complete a challenge. Without a challenge now, the mind is becoming stagnant.... Now it is becoming boring. Then the body ends up getting nothing.

It might sound silly, but it is important to me. Diabetes, the radiation and other health issues always hover over my head like a black cloud. I have every reason to believe within myself that without doing what I do now - I would be laying flat on my back in bed, not able to move from being so unwell. Feeling sick at the moment is a walk in the park compared to the possibilities of if I wasn't exercising at all.

So now it all comes down to me starting something new.... In a separate journal I'll write my food diary and exercise routine (the routine is for two more weeks only before it changes). Hopefully after that time I can brainstorm and create something fresh for the mind. Cheers!


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Apr. 6, 2011 at 6:42 PM

Hi! I've had some weight loss/exercise issues too! I get "lazy days" too and I can't stand them! Are you taking any vitamins or B12? Just a little boost :)

I try to do something a little different each day, but I don't stress over the things I don't even like doing. You don't like long distance running, don't stress over it. I've discovered that if you don't like certain work outs then you will not want to do them. And that's part of getting the body pumped for a work out. When you're mentally psyched! "I can't wait to bike so many miles on so many minutes!"

But, you say you're running out of challenges. Have you looked into the P90X Challenge? Oh my gosh! Good stuff! I'm not sure what your work out level is or anything, but the simple fact that you can do chin ups! I think you might like P90X. There's easier levels of the challenge to get your body ready for P90X. Power 90 is the easier one...I'm on that right now :/

Hope this was somewhat helpful! And Good Luck!

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