The word lingerie began as an English euphemism for scandalous underclothing, and though today’s lingerie can still be shocking we definitely don’t talk of it in hushed tones. Evolving from simple tunics to the Wonder Bra, lingerie is often a staple in women’s wardrobes and for the green consumer, bamboo clothing offers options which are not only eco-friendly but stylish.

This year in lingerie it’s all about the following:

Fabrics - While lingerie is often all about silk and lace, there is an increased emphasis on supplying alternative fabrics, including organic cottons and bamboo. If bamboo sounds uncomfortable as a fabric alternative, not to worry! Bamboo has a higher fabric hand (a softness rating) than most materials, such as cotton and is luxurious in its feel whether it’s the Bamboo Cleo Pajama Set or a Bamboo Women’s Short Robe.

Colors - No nudes, pale or subtle colors this year! If you’re dressing to WOW a special someone or just to make yourself happy, it’ll be simple to do with brightly colored lingerie. The Perfect Nightshirt is available in Jade, Pacific and Raspberry while the Bamboo Women’s Nightshirt comes in all of those gorgeous colors along with Pomegranate and Pool.

Patterns - The brave at heart could possibly go for paisleys or stars & stripes (seriously, they exist) but I prefer the basic stripes. Consider the Tessa Tunic to make a statement without going overboard. It also pairs up nicely with a pair of cozy cropped leggings which leads to the next trend….

Underwear as Outerwear - We’re not talking Madonna and a cone bra here. Rather tunics, gowns and tanks that can go from yoga class to hanging out with friends to bedtime and fit in just fine. If clothes that pull double-duty sound good to you, think about the organic women’s nightgown/dress or the women’s cropped bamboo pants. Not only are they versatile but imagine what it would feel like to wear clothes as comfortable as pajamas all day long - it is like you never left the bed!

Ladylike is back in vogue - Less overt, more subtle hints at sexiness, long and flowing, lingerie is more about the delicate art of seduction this year. So get back in touch with your feminine side with a lace nightie or the flowing Molly long gown. And don’t forget the Roxie Ruffle Pajama Set for a more playful look!

The comfort doesn’t need to end with your wardrobe either - invest in organic towels, duvet covers and a bamboo sheet set to make your bedroom as luxurious as your lingerie choice.

Back in the day Jane Russell actually had a bra designed by aeronautical engineer Howard Hughes to accentuate her bust and although it was eye-catching, I wouldn’t consider it comfortable. Today’s styles are just as stunning and with silky smooth bamboo fabrics obtainable, they are absolutely more comfortable. So show some skin this summer with these 2011 springtime lingerie trends available at Green Earth Bamboo!

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