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Early Monday afternoon I headed for the doctor's office afterwards we would be running errands a bit of groceries...at least that was the plan.  I should learn that planning anything leads to a mess in the plans.  So at the doctor's office my lips and fingers were basically purple, plus oxygen was non-existent so off to the ER they sent me in an Ambulance.

Not a diagnosis anyone wants to hear but it can be controlled with proper diet, exercise, medications and of course oxygen.  While in hospital the battery of questions, "why didn't your PCP refer you to a pulmonary doctor?"  They did but it's an hour from my home and I don't want to drive that far.  "What about an immunologist since you have Lupus?"  Same reason, an hour away.  That's a long drive when you're not feeling well add to that the cost of gas getting back and forth...of course I don't want to drive an hour away, when we have the same facilities 10 minutes from home.

Anyway, all tests came back within the normal ranges except for the fluid around my heart.  I'm on a water pill that is going to help in that respect, as well as upping the dosage to my thyroid medication and my inhalers.  I came home with portable oxygen, then the company brought in oxygen.  I'm not going to worry about the cost right now.

Good morning, not much to report, slept well last night.  Woke up to a sore back but that's par for the course, took the dogs out, they got their treats, coffee is brewing now and I'm trying to figure out what I want for breakfast...egg beaters with toast?  Cereal?  Maybe both to get me off to a good start.  Then kitchen duty, the counters need a good cleaning.  My bedroom needs some work as well but that will come later.  One thing at a time

A water pill, a trip to the bathroom, a peek at email and I'm off to bed for the night.  Another day with "The oxygenator" tomorrow...
I managed to help out in the kitchen, got the stove cleaned.  Shannon and I both cleaned the counter tops and they're looking good...one day at a time, baby steps along the way.  Got pretty tired and napped longer than I had planned though.  But it's okay, The "girls" forgave me while Shannon fed them.  just need to get rested...Good night Irene..

The dogs have been getting in my way all day long!  They seem to think that every time I go into the kitchen I am going in to feed them.  That isn't the case.  I have found that when I'm hungry I have to eat or I start feeling weak.  So I get into the kitchen to grab something to eat and there they are!  Along with stuff I have to put into the fridge

Going to kick my feet up in a little while and watch some Judge Judy on television.  Then grab some dinner...earlier today I had some egg beaters on whole wheat toast with that Promise spread...no salt, actually not too bad as long as my food has some sort of flavor I should do okay.

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