Well I have to say this last week has been stressful at the least. I seem to lose patience so fast its unreal and then feel horrible afterwards for taking it out on the boys or my husband. These darn hormones are driving me nuts. 1 minute im fine the next im mad at the world or annoyed with everyone. My husband works 2 jobs and isnt home alot and when he is I feel like I am ruining his days off. I dont know what to do to get myself in a better mood. I am crampy and have heart burn 24/7 and feel like if I even move the wrong way this little girl will just fall right out. I have been going to a specialist and they are saying everything is fine so far (minus the shots in the butt-that burn like H*ll) but had preaclampsia with my oldest son and my youngest was preemie and have lost 2 others and this pregnancy I have been in preterm again :( I just want to make it to 37 weeks so baby is full term, I dont want to go through the NICU experience all over again 1 time was enough for me. On top of all of that taking care of 2 toddler boys is enough stress and hard work all in its self and then to keep up on the house, dishes, laundry, cooking ect I am just worn out and wish I was already full term with baby and have her already. I just need a brake and some relaxing time to myself! Even just a little bit of sleep would be good right now, and maybe some Taco Bell which I have been craving for the last couple of days :(


Baby Aubrey is doing awesome and moving all over the place though, just glad that everything is going so well right now and only hope it stays that way until she gets here. Although I want to relax I still have alot of baby girl stuff to get since I have had to start over since getting rid of everything after my youngest not planning on anymore :( finding the good deals is the hard part-hoping for lots of garage sales :)

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