Been a while since i have been on here....

Where to start.... My baby now almost 3 years old ( Holy crap where has the time gone) was diagnosed with hypotonia, which has caused us to spend the last 2 yrs in physiotherapy, go threw many tests with her, but she is doing great, she started walking right before xmas 5 months ago (best present ever!!) and things are going very good with her now that she got over that obstacle.

My 5 year old is STILL potty training, im coming close to the light at the end of the tunnel with her ...I hope :S ... I brought her in for a evaluation last year and the doctors say she could have early signs of ADHD, so thats fun.

And then there is my 7 yr old who is doing great in school and good with everything execpt the fact that she seems to think she is 16 and can do whatever she wants lol, i hopeing when she becomes a teenager this will be out of her system.

Now for me... Other then being busy with my crazy wonderful girls, I am finally getting married, this July. Im soooo nervous I dont know why I have been with Doug for 8 years, its the making it "official" thing that gets me , the standing infront of people and saying all your vows and stuff just thinking about it makes me nervous lol.

But thats about it for now ....

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