Holy Moly dear readers....Ya'll were busy looking at my blogs.  I know it is my dear friends and family but this way you get to keep with me and for those who don't know me....(well don't listen the those who DO know me) So here I am HUMP DAY has screwed me and of course the pun was intended.  I went into work today with the impression of training someone and coming home.  However plans changed and I stayed to work the front desk for the manager.  So I am just a checking people out the BOOM the guest informs me he is an INSPECTOR from corp office.  Now see they do SURPRISE inspections so you never seeing coming till it is too late.  So by the time I could blink it was too late.  Well of COURSE he asks for paperwork that  I DO NOT have any clue where in the world it is.  He then starts naming off the things that are BAD in the lobby.  WHILE I am freaking out trying to find paperwork that I have no clue where it is.  So I have to start calling people in charge alerting God and everyone that I am a dumba&&.  Finally paperwork is found and he inspected MY area...which if you remember from yesterday is the breakfast room.  I am very proud to announce my area went from 83% TO 95%.  Well the inspection came and went and we passed so thank  goodness it is over with for a few months.  WELL let's move on to my favorite job...I got my BRAND NEW perfume from Brown Bag today called Instinctivly Yours...and it ROCKS guys.  It smells so good plus my favorite feature besides being pheromone oil base it NEVER smells the same on anyone and even better won't smell the same on  you twice.  I am so excited to have it for my party coming up on Saturday.  If you would like more information on Instinctivly Yours check out my website wwww.brownbagparty.com/rara  or message me......Till tomorrow dear readers....I am going to spend some mommy and Jade (my youngest) time and watch Yogi Bear...take care dears...

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