I live in the woody area of Texas, I was coming home from work in the dark... I was coming around a sharp curve and meet headlights in my lane, head on.......So I hit the  shoulder of the road to miss hitting him...as I was trying to get control of my car and get back on the road I hit the edge of the highway that meets the dirt and went air borne and flew to the otherside of the highway and spun around and t-boned a pine tree at 60 mph. It hit the drivers side and then skid the car over 25 ft into the edge of the woods. As I sat there in the car I noticed 2 diferent cars pass me without stopping, So I had to pull my foot out from between the gas pedal and the console and climbed out of the drivers side window and flag down a car. They stopped and carried me to a gas station down the road and called my husband and 911... I told them what had happened and they knew who this man was and knew he was intoxicated ....But because there was no contact between vehicles, and he didn't stop... there was nothing they could do..My car is totaled, I have a stack of medical bills and I can't go to work because of breaking my foot and he get away free and clear.....So I guess the only way to get help with a drunk driver running you off the road and causing an accident is to have contact and hope you survive the wreck.....WHERE IS THE JUSTICE???? 

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