Ok so i know all of my posts have been about my mother in law but I can't complain about her anywhere else and i have no body i can actually call and complain to. So lets start this morning. I was tired when i picked her up for work so i was being quiet. So we get to work and she storms off, what ever no big deal. Well then this afternoon i text her and tell her i was leaving in 5 minutes. didnt say it rude but of course i am always rude to her, again whatever. well hubby got a call from his ex sister in law asking if he could fix a friend of hers car for 150 bucks. well all i knew was she was wanting him to fix the car. so i leave to go pick her up well on our way back up the hill hubby needs a ride to the top of the hill to load his father in laws truck to take his tool boxes to work. well i ask him what did she say (thats all i said) so he tells me we are gonna go to her house sunday sometime. and he asked to do it at her house so we could see ethan, hubbys nephew who doesn't get to see hubbys mom because her and his ex sister in law have issues. I dont think he should have said we were going over there to see him but i didn't say it. well i stop to drop hubby off at his step dads truck and she gets out of the car and slams the door, then storms off down the hill. So hubby tries to talk to her and then next thing i see is her flying up the hill in her car which is suposidly gonna break down. so then she tells him that i said all of that to hurt her and that i was rubbing it in her face that i get to see ethan. and then once again she is done being a grand mother to my son. that was the last time i will hear that out of her mouth. she wants to be done with him then so be it. but dont come crying to me when you see him less than your other grand kids. i told hubby i am tired of being blamed for shit, i didnt even do. all i asked is what she said. i was expecting a i am working on the car sunday for 150 bucks and thats it. i was hoping he would not say anything about ethan. but then i also told him i would rather he hear it from us that we saw him then see pics of it on facebook next week and be more hurt. she acts like we cant have a life as well. if she aint the center she gets butt hurt and i am tired of it. aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh i wanna rip out my hair and run away. my poor hubby should be having a great day but no of course he has to deal with his crazy ass mother. i can't take it anymore.

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Apr. 6, 2011 at 8:36 PM

If that is the way she usualy acts then it's no wonder that the ex SIL won't let her see her own grandkid. She osunds like a very self centered person.

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Apr. 6, 2011 at 11:22 PM

set boundaries girlfriend or you will be ex wife number 2,   you, your husband and your kid are a complete family, if she dont like the boundaries you set for your house she will or can go see a therapist.    your husband comes first, your kids second (because when they are grown and out of house it will be just you and hubby again) so dont let kids get in place they weren't meant to be in first place.      mother in law can work with it & grow up or she can spend alot of time alone. 

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