Tomorrow is my first Ultrasound, and that's actually going to be done off the books b/c my healthcare hasn't decided to kick in yet.  Maybe after tomorrow my pregnancy will feel real to me, today it just started to feel like there was a tiny person inside of me. and that was b/c I borrowed a pregnancy book... which was written in 1995, but I figured it had to have SOMETHING relevant I mean people have been having babies for years right!

Now don't think I'm a bad person for not grasping that for the past 12 weeks I've been pregnant it's just I have a history of miscarriages due to having uterus didelphys, and I've never made it this far. Now the end of the 1st trimester is here. I always decided that I wouldn't let anyone know (except my mother) until the 2nd trimester so it was easier to not come to grips with it till now.

But now I'm getting excited, and especially with the possibility of getting to see this little sucker tomorrow. But then of course I'm a little nervouse, the father can't go b/c he works out of town, so it's a toss up between my mom or just by myself.  Haven't heard if she'll be able to get out of work yet (she seems to have a hard time with this right now. I'm hoping if she can go tomorrow it'll warm her up to the idea of her first grandchild too) I'm also shocked at the fact that starting next week this baby will be almost doubling in size every week for a bit! My list of common complaints so far: 

1. The back aches and muscle spasms in my legs

2. Not being able to sleep on a bed, only the couch b/c of problems with my hips

3. wanting to eat everything in site

4. the width of my hips so far

5. the fact my bra went up a whole cup size in the second month and the strain my neck is going threw (I wasn't small to begin with)

6. the fact that this baby's been playing with my emotions and any song that carries any emotion-good or bad- causes me to cry

My lists of non-complaints:

1. I have NOT been sick except a couple queesy spells at nights

2. Just the fact that I am almost out of my first trimester is a blessing to me

...well this list will grow, currently I'm getting tired. It seems I am unable to stay awake past 9:30 p.m. and up bright and early at 8:30.... ya and also the night insomnia isn't lovely either. All things I hear are normal in pregnancy and everyone can ban together with me on their unfortunate occurance. But such is life and there is no point in getting caught up with those complaints because although my "non-complaints" list is small those two make up for everything on the other one! And I'm so excited to see what my baby looks like tomorrow!!! baby dust...... I'm not sure what this "sweetpea" is doing, but it looked neat to me!


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Apr. 6, 2011 at 9:39 PM

Wishing you a wonderful pregnancy and healthy baby!

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Apr. 6, 2011 at 9:40 PM

prayers for nine months yayayya        can i ask what is  the d thing you  have ?     God bless you and the little peanut

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Apr. 7, 2011 at 1:28 PM

RE: Goatmom4

uterus didelphys is where I have 2 uterases, 2 cervixes, and 2 vaginas... basically I'm split into two with double everything. I like to say that in 200 years everyone will be like this I just mutated first LOL

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