well where do I begin, I am so pissed off that I have to live my life for everyone but myself, I have spent my life doing it and than the abuse I took from my ex everyone seems to enjoy blowing me right out of the water and my selfesteem seems to get lower and lower and has hard has I have tried not to allow myself to allow it I keep coming back to the same place I had did counsling through the haven's women's center but I was only too go through there counsliing thing for so long and I have been trying to get ahead and find my own counslor but I can't afford it  and I feel like I really need it, I don't have a boyfriend or husband and it has been hard not to have anyone to talk too and always feeling alone and I hate putting my problems on others but I am trying to raise my son who has autism and I hate getting mad at him or feeling guilty about my feelings. I hate living with my parents everything has to be perfect and all the cleaning stuff has to be from there business, I am not allowed to use anything from the store and my mom rides my case all the time. I live in my room most of the time because I can't stand her. I have always tryed to build a relationship with her and it fells all the time. well thanks for letting me vent.simple frown


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Apr. 6, 2011 at 10:48 PM

There are some good abuse groups on here.  I suggest looking one up.  They offer a lot of support, but the good ones will check you out to make sure you aren't a stalker of one of their members.

Just a suggestion!

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