soooo I love to wach teen mom! guilty pleasure lol It reminds me how lucky I am and how so many different lives people live. I loved my life before children there was partys and things to do and nothing to do I honestly dont know what I did with my nothing time seems like its difficult to find nothing time. I love having my children theyr with me all the time I just wish I could accomplish more with them around. Now I am always busy have gray hair (for 3 yrs now) I love waching and helping them grow but its just funny to see different stages of different peoples lives.. call me an old sol but I love the manly roll and the womans I enjoy this life and to us we may be normal but to others not some may view our lives as exciting while others see it as boring,, I see it as everything,,,, mine I am so thankful for it all.Sometimes you get  frustrated and so need mommy time tho!

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Apr. 7, 2011 at 6:43 PM

So true!

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