About a week ago, the girl that my son is dating came to her mother and told her that her father was molesting her.  She went to the police and kicked him out.  Earlier this evening, she called and said she wanted her daughter to stay the night here cause they found her father dead this afternoon.  The girl has no idea and it has been so hard keeping it together and not bawling my eyes out when I look at her.  She suspects something is wrong, but I just keep telling her I don't know.   I feel it isn't my place to tell her, so I'm just waiting for her mother to come here and tell her.  I feel so bad for this girl cause I just know she's going to blame herself.   It is going to be hard to convince her otherwise.  She's a very sensitive girl and she is a very good girl.  I think that the man showed his guilt by doing that.  Also he admitted to her mother that he did do it.  I am just so down right now and my chest is hurting so bad.  I feel like my heart is breaking physically in two.  

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Apr. 7, 2011 at 9:34 AM

my heart goes out to the Girl. It's hard to be going through being molested by someone whom is suppose to love, care for u, protect u etc.then going to hear he commited suicide? This girl will need all the support she is capable of recieving and some sort of counseling as well. she may even need some sort of space to collect all of her thoughts and emotions as well . Just be there too catch her when she falls cause it will probaly hit her hard. Or she could completely suprise everyone an take the news better then anticipated? My prayers go out to u and this girl an she is soo lucky to have u there for her, an the help of processing all this when the time comes to revealing the news to her! good luck an prying for everyone!


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Apr. 17, 2011 at 1:39 AM

Surprisingly enough, when her uncle came and told her the next morning, she just shrugged and said "hmmm, ok"....... That is kinda sad for a 13 yr old.  But she is a very good girl and I think that she just lost any care for him when he hurt her so badly.  Her 13th birthday was 2 days after her dad killed himself, and that was sad also.  I baked her a b day cake and we celebrated her special day over here, cause her mother is in such bad shape.  His funeral was the day after her birthday and she didn't want to go but her mom made her go.  She said the only thing that makes her feel bad is that if she hadn't told, he wouldn't have done it.  I told her that he took the coward way out and that if she hadn't told it would have kept happening.  What her dad chose to do after he confessed to it, was his choice not hers.  I keep talking to her, but I don't think her mom will get her therapy.  I will try to b here for her as long as she needs, and she knows that my door is always unlocked for her to come in even in middle of the night,,,, if she needs a place to go.

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