So 23 almost 24 weeks now and on bed rest again! Baby Makylah is underweight due to my dydelphic uterus And my dr told me I couldnt burn much calories to make sure she gets them all! Has anyone else tried to chub up a baby inside you?! It's not like adding an extra scoop of formula lol I'm open to any and all ideas on helping her gain weight! The dr said to count on a 6 lb baby at full term as of now! And she will most likely be premature, since she has no room and since my first child was... SO it's really important that I get some weight on her.. I've already gained 38 lbs but it's worth it to make sure she will survive. I can always lose weight after.. I can't have any caffiene, chips, junk food, ect. Low sodium foods are a must! So please any suggestions?

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