I recently started a direct sale business. So far it has been a rough go. I have not booked a single party. I am hoping to do so soon. I have a few people that are interested in hosting closer to the holiday season, so I might get busier then.

I am selling Emily Rose @ Home, and they have not been around very long. The upside is there isn't very many representatives. The downside is that not many people have heardof them either.

The doll clothing that Emily Rose @ Home carries fits American Girl dolls and dolls that are similar to that. I ordered from them for my niece. I got her the Brownie Uniform for her doll. I absolutly aadore American Girl dolls. Even though I am the mother of two boys, it seemed like a good fit and a chance for me to get my girl fix.

When I  recieved the outfit for my niece I thought that it was so great, tons of little details. My husband was impressed and the fact that it came packaged in printed little clothing boxes with tissue just like something from AG impressed us both. We talked about it and decided to try it. I had done Christmas Around The World, Gift by House of Lloyd and Cookin the American Way when it was still in business, then I tried Avon  for a time. I  was not new to direect sales, just the merchandise.

My website is www.emilyroseathome.com/amybray

The merchandise is very high quality, not the price tag.

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