I have decided to try & stay away from social sites for safety reasons number one being my ex is being a dick because his wages got garnished & now he has someone stalking me. As of now Im no longer allowed to take trash out alone at work or go to my rides car alone.The stalker knows mine & my daughters routine,knows where my daughter goes to daycare,knows when my mom comes to pick me up.I swear I wish my ex would just get a life & leave me & my daughter alone. Yes its his fault his wages got garnished. He has nothing to do with his own daughter hell hasnt even made any attempt to want to see her or make contact with her. I hate to play dirty but its coming down to where I might not have a choice but to play dirty & inform pd & the courts how much of the decree he is breaking since how im supposed to know where he is at all times & yet I have no idea where he lives.

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Apr. 7, 2011 at 9:11 AM

I know it's hard an is scary @ time's I have been there .. And when I have my youngest e/o wknd once in a while he tells me he has a feeling were being watched? I try not to show that it bother's me an go on with our visit etc. I am not sure depending on where u live have u tried to get a restraining order? I know I am unable to cause there has been no bodily harm done!  So Just document everything from what's happening, time, an date even pics etc. this way when u go to court etc. u will have proof.

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