I went back to school last July to finish my degree after a 13 year hiatus.  I'm in a dead end job with no chance for advancements or benefits.  My job has worked with my schedule this whole time....until now.  In a few weeks we have a huge event to do at work and the bosses have approved overtime.  I'm scheduled for over 12 hours that day.  Just so happens to be the same day that the new school quarter begins.  If I miss the first day, there is a huge possibility that I'll be dropped from the class.  If I get dropped, then I have to start paying my student loans off.  I can't afford that right now...hence the reason I took the loans in the first place.  I only have 6 months left in school before I graduate.

I was informed yesterday that I cannot leave work in time to get to class that day....but I cannot miss class either.  FML!!!!!  My wonderful husband told me that school is more important right now as it's my way out of a crappy job.  He said to go in and explain that I have to be in class...no if's, ands, or buts.  I know he's right and if I do find myself without a job, that we'll find a way to make it work.  But I still can't help but be extremely stressed out by the situation.  As much as I dislike my current job and would love to leave it, I'm also the type of person that refuses to leave a job without another one waiting.

I know what I need to do but never imagined that it would be this hard.  It just sucks that it has come down to this.

**I won't quit my job but I know when I refuse to miss class they will fire me.  Oh and by the time I will need to leave, I will have been at work 9 1/2 hours.**

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Apr. 7, 2011 at 6:22 AM

OFF TO SCHOOL YOU GO!!!! That's your future, the dead end job isn't. I understand the money is "oh so needed" but, McDonalds is near by, I'm sure that would make up for lost wages, at least partly.That's just my opinion, your husbands" righ"t, school comes first! It's a shame your job can't bend a little!

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Apr. 7, 2011 at 9:01 AM

well sounds like u know what u need to do already! I AGREE with ur H though, u came this far with schooling etc. to let it go now. Ur gonna graduate in 6 months, an if it is ur way out of a dead end job GO FOR IT!

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Apr. 7, 2011 at 6:53 PM

Maybe you could ask the Instructor/Professor if there is another class (the SAME class) taught on a different day? Then you could attend the "first" class with that class! I hope you find a solution!! Good Luck!

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Apr. 7, 2011 at 7:42 PM

So I had a talk with one of the bosses today at work and was told that I shouldn't give them an ultimatum and that I know what will happen if I leave early without permission.  I explained that I do know what will happen and I wasn't giving them an ultimatum.  I was simply informing them that I will be leaving that day to get to class so they can prepare to have somebody else cover the rest of my shift.  I explained that I'm not trying to "screw them over" as they claim but I have to look out for myself first.  And then I re-explained all this to my bar manager.  He's actually being cool about it.  Shocked the hell out of me.  First time in 7 years that he's standing up for me.  He did say that he will do whatever he can to get me out of there in time for class.  I may be late but I should make it.  Still don't know if I'll have a job after...but not a whole lot I can do about that.

Thank you ladies for your comments!  I was very stressed out when I wrote this last night.  All I can do is hope for the best and deal with it as it comes.  Should be interesting to see how this plays out.

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