Between doctors and the government and a sick husband I do not how much more I can take. By the time they get their heads out of their a$$ my husband will be dead. Everyone keeps telling us six months and I don't need a frilling doctor to tell me, he can't take much more. When I finally got him to go to the doc I had some hope that we might make it through this, now I am not so sure. Now we are so far in the hole we can't see daylight but if he WANTS a new liver we have to show them we can pay for it. Fine he just wants it he doesn't need, just because he will die without it, and as for disability we will know in 60 to 180 days wether he will receive it and then we still have to try to get on Medicaid.
Here is some advice for poor people DON'T GET SICK!!!!!! And if you do you might as well crawl in a hole and give up because between looking for help and doctors and bill collectors you might just think your better off dead.
And for those people asking why we didn't have insurance I will just say when you have a pre-existing condition (in my case a sseziures) you try to find one that cost less than 600 a month and when you make only 1200 a month gross you can't pay the bills and eat and pay the premiums.

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