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Day 21 of my Vitex Challenge
I am currently 5 Days Past Ovulation and on cycle day 38. Just 7 more days until I can test.

Being positive, and saying baby is going to be attaching her self to my lining today or tomorrow.
My symptoms are as follows:>
My breasts are tender and sore; with sensitive nipples. It would be so awesome if I got pregnant my 1st cycle of TTC'ing. Its rare I know but not unheard of right?

Anyway my Cervix is low, firm and closed with creamy cm. My inner thighs are on fire from the progesterone rise. I am super fatigued, and have been sleeping alot yesterday and today. I have a mile long chore list and I have an assignment I need to be working on, but with Caitlan being like she is its almost impossible to get anything done. I am also uber hungry, I can't seem to get full. Afraid that I was putting on too much weight, I weighed in and I am staying the same so that's good. I just feel bloated ;-D

I took an OPK after a few hours hold, and it was negative. So negative I could barely see a line. Does that mean my PCOS is resolved? LOL? I know before every time I peed on one of those stupid things it was almost positive all the time, I had to rely on my CP & CM to conceive Caitlan.

I am almost feeling guilty about trying again because Caitlan is still a baby. Maybe if I get a BFN; it won't be as painful right? But there is nothing like seeing that second line develop! And tracking the new baby's development and knowing that inside you that tiny baby needs and depends solely on you. A baby that will always need you. Its just awe inspiring to me.

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