confusedYesterday, while talking to my younger dtr, she told me that her friend at college was home to be with her father. He has cancer and was given "this week" word.  So she went home to be with him. Of course, everyone is hoping that this may not be the week, since he has fooled the drs before. But it could be.

So I mentioned to my dtr that if she wanted, I could take her to be with her friend during this time. It is a very awkward situation since we do not really know the family very well.  But I thought if it was OK with her friend's mom, we could do that.

Well here is the statement that my dtr said after that offer:

"I don't really think her mom would care since she hates her."

I replied back, she probably really doesn't hate her, has just been trying to do everything while her husband has been ill.

She replied back... no, her mom has said it often and she is only close to her dad.

Sadly, this is not the only friend my dtr has become close to that has heard that same statement or gotten the same feeling.

I know there are days when my girls drive me completely insane and I get aggravated with them, but to state, out loud, that you hate your children is just beyond belief.

I cannot imagine what this friend's life will be like when she cannot turn to her mom for help when her dad passes on.  Who wil she turn to? 

As of now, she seems to be a strong willed, and determined young lady... but really, kids always need a parent to turn to when there is no one else.

Even though I get aggravated and blow up--- my girls deep down know that I still do love them.  Sadly, these other girls do not have that knowledge.

It is just a sad comment.


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